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Victoria Charles: The Future is about to get Bright – Put your Shades on

Throughout history philosophers, revolutionaries and religious leaders have asked us to reexamine our values and the way we live. Now our planet and Gen Z are asking. Each year, humans are responsible for emitting 6 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon into atmosphere. The science is clear, a two-degree C or 3.6-degree F increase in global temperature is the absolute maximum …

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A NEW CREATION OF AN URBAN CITY – 2030: a look into the future

It was the powerful people‚Äôs movement, people like me who are committed to bringing forth a sustainable environment and a socially just human presence on this planet, along with the Millenials who acted to create change. Our beloved city is located along the coast and we expect sea levels to rise and experience protracted water shortages due to diminishing rainfall …

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Sustainable Innovation

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