Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles

With a combination of thorough sustainability knowledge and practical business experience, I bring clients valuable perspectives on how to successfully integrate sustainability initiatives and communication into the core of an organization, providing positive and cost-saving solutions to lower the impact on the environment. I combine 20 years of business experience in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 200 businesses in industries ranging from Personal Care products to non-profits, with over 6 years of involvement in business sustainability.

In addition to helping companies achieve Zero Waste and advising organizations on implementing sustainable actions into their business plan, I am a Professor under Sustainable Technologies Program.

LEED accredited- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design USGBC
Sustainable Resource Management Certification- CRRA
Additional skills: Public speaking, corporate training, curriculum development, brand building/marketing. Free-lance Senior Writer on sustainability and environmental issues


Circle of Zero is a woman-owned sustainability consultancy helping organizations determine where they are in reaching their sustainability goals. We identify and thread their  initiatives- big or small- into a comprehensive sustainability management system using a formal process.

To learn more about how we can help you with a sustainability  management system please contact us.




System diagram circular economy

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Sustainable Innovation

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